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#4277-Bear In Sweater

Sitting bear wearing red sweater holding a candy cane
#2130-Bear in Cocoa Mug

Bear sitting in mug with cocoa and marshmallows
#5654-Bear with Christmas bulb

Black bear holding red Christmas light bulb (The bear has two ears though only shows in the picture)
#6390-Bear Back

Bear giving a cub a ride.
#2131-Bear In Lights

Black bear covered in a string of lights.
#4284-Moose Climb On

Moose climbing on red globe ornament
#4279-Bear Climb On

Bear holding onto red globe ornament
#4789-Rudy Reindeer

Cute bear wearing reindeer antlers
#4292-Bear In Saddle

Cowboy bear riding backwards on reindeer
#4532-Bruin Moon

Bear resting on crescent moon wishing upon a star
#4803-Snow Angel Fun

Bear making a snow angel
#4806-Bear Tree

Bears hiding in Christmas Tree

Two bears making a bear snowman
#5565-Freestyle Skier

Bear skiing freestyle
#5566-Bear and Cardinal

Bear riding on a cardinal in flight
#5567-Harley Bear

Bear riding Harley motorcycle
#5568-JOY Bears

Three bears in boxes that spell out JOY
#5570-I Love My Grandpa

Bear wearing embroidered green sweater
#5571-I Love My Grandma

Bear wearing white and red sweater with embroidery
#5574-Cardinal & Pinecone

Cardinal sitting on pine cones and bell
#5572-Bearing A Wreath

Bear wearing Christmas wreath around neck
#5573-Canoe Bears

Bear paddling canoe loaded with Christmas gifts
#5575-Green Bell & Bear

Green globe bell with dangling bear and pine & berry spray