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#4829-The Georgia Gold Rush

The southern gold rush which started in the 1820s reached the Northeast Georgia mountains in 1829 on land which lay in and around Cherokee territory.
#5438-The Gold Seekers

This book tells the history of the relationship between the 1820s gold rush in the south-eastern U.S. and the 1849 gold rush in California.
#4823-Buried Treasures Of The Appalachians

The Appalachian Mountains have seen untold fortunes gained and lost. These forty stories tell of the clashes of cultures-Indian, Spanish, French, pioneer, Union and Confederate forces-which produced struggles over wealth; gold and silver were often cached for later retrieval.
#4778-Rebel Gold

A fast-paced blend of history and modern-day detective story in the quest for treasure troves of American gold.
#4786-Confederate Gold

Originally published in 1926, the fictionalized reminiscences of William T. Fluker, Jr. a private in Lees Army of Northern Virginia, was aptly described as truly a Civil War treasury.