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#5678-Big Bear Hug

A bear so filled with love and happiness that he hugged other living things.
#2758-Our Bearable World

A delightful way for children to learn about the environment and the world they live in featuring the artwork of Atlanta artist, Joel Gresham. Autographed by the author.
#3450-Living With Bears

With over 900,000 black bears roaming North America people are encountering bears more often. This book, authored by Linda Masterson, is an encyclopedia of skills and attitudes for living and traveling safely and considerately in bear country.
#4309-Bear Cub

A childs beginning reading book all about bears and how they live.
#4310-Baby Bear Discovers the World

2007 Winner - Moms Choice Award. Follow Baby Bears excursion into the big wide world as he tries to prove his independence, wandering closer and closer to places he does not belong.
#4782-Bear Encounters - Tales From the Wild Side

Thirteen accounts of truly terrifying counters with bears comprise this collection of stories by Jim Nelson.
#4784-Every Autumn Comes The Bear

A beautiful, imaginative, and informative approach to natural history for young children by author Jim Arnosky.
#4785-Backyard Bear

For children - What will happen when a bear is discovered right in someones backyard?
#4889-The Troublesome Cub in the Great Smoky Mountains

For Children - based on a true story from the Great Smoky Mountains. Written and illustrated by Lisa Horstman.
#5440-Discovering Black Bears

Nature Activity Book about the American black bear. Learn about its habits and habitat through 20 interesting activities and stories.
#5813-The Three Bears

A grandmothers tale to her granddaughter.

Fascinating Bear Facts, Tales & Trivia
#6343-Smoky Mountain Black Bears

Frequently asked questions about black bears are answered in a Question & Answer format. Published by Great Smoky Mountains Association, a non-profit organization that has been assisting Great Smoky Mountains National Park since 1953.