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#5508-The Miracle of Brasstown Valley

A true story of the miraculous creation of a college in a remote mountain valley at the turn of the 19th century and the captivating characters who, with the grace of God, made it happen.
#5510-A Deficit of Decency

A call for a return to a sense of duty and decency that lies at our nations foundation.
#5507-Purt Nigh Gone

Memories of living the old mountain ways
#4712-The Governor Who Gave Georgia Hope

Biography - U.S. Marine, Professor, Lt. Governor, and Governor who led the tenth largest state in the nation with humor, common sense and dignity.
#5509-A National Party No More

Driven by conscience and common sense, Senator Miller names the self-destructive direction of his party and stubbornly pulls the Democratic family toward reform.
#6570-The Heard Georgia Singing

They Heard Georgia Singing provides brief musical biographies of the men and women who have made major contributions to Georgia musical history including gospel, soul, opera, country, folk and more.