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Distant Voices by Emory Jones
Distant Voices book cover


The earth is filled with memories of things no longerhere. Entire cultures fade away when their time is over.But those who vanish leave traces, and the new nativeswonder about the old.

One home to such misty memories, tucked awayin North Georgia’s gentle hills, is the picturesqueNacoochee Valley. Etched by the gurgling Chattahoochee,there is a quiet dignity to this vale. And inthe midst of that quiet dignity, sits a solitary Indianmound – a silent sentinel to a past we can only imagine.

This old mound charms us. There is, of course, the wellknownlegend of Nacoochee, the beautiful daughter of aCherokee chief, who loved a Chickasaw warrior namedSautee. Many say they lie together, deep inside themound, while others scoff and call it a yarn.

But it’s not just the legend that charms us. Somehow,the mound causes even the busiest passer-by to glancethat way – even if they’ve passed a thousand timesbefore. Countless have stopped for a photograph. Andthis mound, with its signature gazebo, is portrayed inmore paintings and sketches than we can tally.

As artists are drawn here, so too are archaeologists, andin 1915, they came to uncover the mound’s mysteries.

This book is an attempt to capture some of what wesuppose about this place and to tell the stories of artistsand poets who have painted and praised it. Because,in the end it’s the memories it holds that make thismound wonderful.

And sometimes those memories flutter by so close wecan almost feel their wings.

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